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Pop-up Powerhours (TM) are now delivered virtually via Zoom, as well as F2F.

New for 2021

Advancing Women's Leadership Skills in the Energy Industry

In collaboration with LEH Consulting Ltd (TM), we have developed a certified, modular Pop-Up Powerhour (TM) for managers in the energy industry. Lydia Hirst is a former Shell Chemicals employee and designs and delivers leadership training for delegates from oil, chemicals and other sectors.

This progamme is not just for women, but for any manager wanting to, or who is interested in, advancing women's leadership skills in the energy industry.  The topic areas may be appropriate for other sectors and, therefore, please contact us if you have an interest and wish to discuss further.

Modules include:

1. Women in the energy sector

2. Qualities of (Women) Leaders

3. Leading innovation

4. The Challenges and Benefits of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

5. Key Leadership Skills for Women Leaders

6. How to encourage worklace changes

7. Review and personal action planning. 

Each module will be half a day and, at present, due to Covid-19 restrictions, will be run via Zoom 

Leadership and Management Development -  we have recently delivered this programme with delivery over a 4 month period. Modules included:

1. Leadership

2. Performance Management

3. Grievance

4. Discipline

5. Absence

6. Capability

7. Delegation. 

Pre Zoom workshop materials; reflection, case studies, breakout rooms, polls and a one hour workshop for each topic, saw the achievement of this for 28 managers.  


A Pop-up Powerhour may be 1, 2 or half a day in length, but certainly no longer.

Pop-up Powerhours (TM) allow people to:

  • learn in a fast-paced environment

  • discuss and exchange views and ideas

  • development their knowledge and skills.

Pop-up Powerhours (TM) have been tried and tested over many years. If there is a particular topic that you want to be covered, then we can design the Pop-up Powerhour (TM) specifically for your company.  If this suits your need, it is an efficient and cost effective way to train staff.

 Popular topic areas include: 

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Discipline, grievance, capability
  3. Delegation
  4. Absence
  5. Behaviours inside (and outside) the workplace *
  6. Objective Setting *
  7. Recruitment and Selection*.
*Detail provided below
Up-to-date issues relating to Covid-19 are included in all Pop-Up Powerhours (TM)



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