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Pop-Up Power Hours

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Pop-up Powerhours (TM)  allow us to pop-up in your office, or at an agreed location, to train staff and/or managers in particular topics. A Pop-up Powerhour may be 1 or 2 hours in length, but certainly no longer.

They may also be delivered virually. 

Pop-up Powerhours (TM):

  • allow staff to be trained in either hourly or two-hourly slots throughout the day;

  • allow the client to book the whole day and, where the workshop is one hour long with a maximum of 12 delegates per session, this means that 84 staff can, potentially, be trained in one day;

  • allow staff to be updated on particular issues;

  • allow staff to have an introduction to a topic;

  • allow staff to get up-to-speed with an area of their work.

Pop-up Powerhours (TM) have been tried and tested over many years - the current, and most popular, topics are listed below. However, if there is a particular topic that you want to be covered, then we can design the Pop-up Powerhour (TM) specifically for your company.  If this suits your need, it is an efficient and cost effective way to train staff.

POP-UP PowerHours Workshops