Interpersonnel (HR) Ltd offer the following product streams:

 Pop-up Powerhours Heigth 100

Pop-up Powerhours (TM)

Pop-up Powerhours (TM) allow us to pop-up in your office, or at an agreed location, or via Zoom videoconferencing to train people in particular topics. A Pop-up Powerhour (TM) may last between 1 or 2 hours per session. and is a great way to train people. Pop-up Powerhours (TM) are now run as part of the 'new norm': as well as reflecting the current needs due to the pandemic, it also benefits clients with less travel and accommodation costs, and less disruption to the working day.

Currently we are running a virtual  Leadership and Management Modular programme for a client, using Zoom. There are seven modules for managers over a three month period. Topics areas include, leadership, performance, grievance, discipline, absence, capability and delegation. 

If you wish to discuss a bespoke programme, please contact us. 

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Face-to-Face Learning

Many of our customers have previously benefited from a more traditional frace-to-face learning stream.

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Other Media

Interpersonnel has also been published - in both paper and e-book format.

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