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Zoom into our Pop-Up Powerhours (TM)
Monday 28 September 2020

Pop-up Powerhours (TM) are now being delivered virtually via Zoom.   This suits the current working climate where people may still be working from home or from different sites around the country or, indeed, world.


Our Pop-up Powerhours have all been translated to a virtual delivery model which is working very well.  Indeed, we are almost half way through delivering a Leadership and Management Programme for a key clients. The programme is modular with the following topics being covered:


  1. Leadership
  2. Performance Management
  3. Grievance
  4. Discipline
  5. Absence
  6. Capability
  7. Delegation. 


Pre Zoom workshop materials are emailed to delegates one week prior to the Zoom session. This allows preparation of the topic including case studies, followed by a one hour Zoom workshop between 2 and 3 times per month.   The sessions are interactive using features such as polls and breakout rooms.

These workshops are ideal for training/imparting knowledge to teams who are working at different locations. No travel is required and, therefore, the time is used wisely and with less cost with small impact on the working day.


 Popular topic areas include:


  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Discipline, grievance, capability
  3. Delegation
  4. Absence
  5. Behaviours inside (and outside) the workplace *
  6. Objective Setting *
  7. Recruitment and Selection*.
Up-to-date issues relating to Covid-19 are included in all Pop-Up Powerhours (TM)>
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Pop-up Powerhours (TM)
Wednesday 12 August 2020

We are thrilled to be working with one of our biggest clients, an international manufacturer who has asked us to develop a Leadership and Management programme for 24 of their team leaders.

Those leaders are scattered between two locations and, therefore, we have developed a Fast Track Leadership and Management Programme in the form of our tried and tested Pop-Up Powerhours (TM). The Programme consists of seven modules supported by a module playbook for preparation before the leaders attend a virtual hour's session on a set topic. 

This will be rolled-out in September and finishes in December.

A great way to train and develop leaders and managers in a cost-effective environment. 


We'll let you know how it goes! 


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Are you policy ready for the 'new norm'?
Monday 03 August 2020
Return to work – the ‘new norm’ - Be policy ready!
It's said that almost half of the UK’s workforce has been working from home during the lockdown & the 'new norm' means fewer people working in the office full time.
With lockdown being lifted in stages, it's crucial organisations are ready for the workforce to return. The government has provided guidance for some sectors. As part of preparation, organisations should review current policies to ensure clarity about ways of working, e.g., the Health & Safety policy to include info re risk assessment of additional hazards posed by Covid-19; the introduction of a Social Distancing Policy to ensure clarity about this way of working.
Interpersonnel can review, update & introduce policies & procedures.We want to help ensure you are up-to-date & prepared. We recommend a review of the following policies & introduction of new ones as part of your planning:
1 Data Protection and GDPR
2 Health & Safety & Wellbeing
3 Flexible Working
4 Homeworking
5 Social Distancing
6 Grievance, disciplinary and capability
7 Whistleblowing.
Contact us for a discussion about your requirements and how we can help:
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Working remotely during Covid-19 - guidance for managers
Thursday 23 April 2020

Working remotely during Covid-19

With many employees working at home, it is important that employers not only keep in touch with those staff but also manage them effectively from a distance. Whilst they are working, they may be anxious about what is happening, struggling with being isolated from their work colleagues, and worrying about the uncertainty for the future. Obviously clients’ needs will differ, but we hope the below guidance is helpful for managing remote working. 

1.     Communication

·         Lead by example – tell them how you are dealing with remote working, your wellbeing.

·         Daily check-ins even just for a quick ‘chat’. This may be a virtual coffee or tea, a quick video chat, end of the week recap and sharing of status of work and discussion of the following week’s plan (see 2. Clarity about work).

·         Informal virtual socials to help with inclusion and promote wellbeing -   may include virtual quiz nights, drinks after work (not during working hours!), other work social clubs such as bridge can also be carried-out with the use of technology.

2.     Clarity about work

·         Setting standards and expectations required in light of changed ways of working and, maybe, changed focus of the organisation.

·         Regular virtual 121 check-ins via email, ‘phone, text, Zoom, for example. Regularity will differ depending on the requirements of the business and the individual employee’s needs. Some may require more 121s than others and this needs to be judged by the manager.

·         Regular team catch-ups – will depend on the work/project but we would recommend at least weekly. Again, could be group email, teams meeting software, Zoom, Skype.

·         Encourage feedback and questions from employees to support trust and check understanding of requirements.

3.     Employees’ wellbeing

·         Be vigilant about remote workers. Are they coping working on their own? If not, what can you do to help? Offer an ‘open door’ policy to contact you if they wish to discuss needs. Do you have an employee assistance programme (EAP) that offers a helpline? Ensure all remote workers are aware of the options and use the regular 121 check-ins.

·         Encourage employees to be healthy- eating healthily and taking regular exercise – both a challenge in this period of lockdown. Where you have in-house fitness sessions, move these on-line and offer them to all remote workers at one time of the day – think Jo Wicks PE for kids – a huge success! This may include yoga, pilates, keep-fit, for example.

·         General wellbeing – remote workers may benefit from some on-line resilience coaching. This may look at vision, composure, reasoning, health, tenacity and collaboration.

4.     Online training

·         Any new starters on-boarding & induction may have to be moved on-line and completed virtually. Good communication is a key factor (see 1 above).

·         Ensure they have access to on-line or e-learning training for use of new technology e.g. video-conferencing, webinars, podcasts, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, – ensure your remote workers have the skills to use these.


We hope this is useful. If you require further assistance with managing remote working, please get in touch so that we can help you develop and put a robust plan in place.

Philippa Webster: 07710990058 philippa@interpersonnelonline.com                                            Edit News Item...
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Communiation with staff during COVID-19
Monday 06 April 2020

Communication with staff during Covid-19


During these difficult and unprecedented times, it is important that employers keep in touch with staff whether they are working from home, have been furloughed, or are on sickness absence. They will be anxious about what is happening and may be struggling with being isolated, uncertainty for the future, and have financial worries.


Therefore, it is important that you keep them informed and maintain contact to support them through this period. Obviously clients’ needs will differ, but we hope the below guidance is helpful.


1.    Regular 121 check-ins by ‘phone, Skype, Zoom, texting, for example.

2.    Video-conferencing for 121s or teams.

3.    Hold virtual team meetings or catch-ups. This will keep the team dynamics working during this period.

4.    Regular updates about what is happening. The facts about work, where the business is going can be shared. You don’t want rumours to start spreading so this is a good way to halt those. This may need sensitivity and should always be factual.

5.    To keep the camaradarie going, other interactions may be a good idea. For example, a team quiz night, a team WhatApp group.

6.    For an employee on sickness absence, communication should be regular and in line with others. However, their underlying condition should be considered when deciding on the best form of communication – you should be thoughtful, sensitive and this may require a ‘softer’ communication, but they should feel supported and should not be left out.

7.    You need to keep track of the work being done by those who are working from home ie they are not furloughed. This can be difficult as you are managing at a distance, but good communication and use of the above channels should be considered. Trust is at the heart of this so it is important to have clear conversations about expectations.

8.    You may have new starters to the business who suddenly find they are working in isolation in a new company. Think about how you can give them a good induction (on-line learning, video conferencing) and put some of the above communication methods in place. They will be feeling anxious – a new job, a difficult set of working conditions, new colleagues.

9.    Give guidance to line managers about your expectations of communication during this time. They should be consistent and fair in their approach.

10.  Some of your staff may be having to home-school and care for their children and, for example, they may have to be flexible in their hours to ensure care of their child. See point 7 about keeping track of work.                                                   


We hope this is useful. Obviously clients’ needs will differ, but we hope the above guidance is helpful. If you require further assistance, please get in touch.

Philippa Webster: 07710990058 philippa@interpersonnelonline.com                                              

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Services remain despite COVID-19
Sunday 29 March 2020
Good morning, This is truly an unprecedented time and all of us at Interpersonnel wish you and your family the best of health and hope we all emerge through this with the ability to return to business as normal as soon as possible. We are here if you wish to discuss any HR issues including those related to the working measures put in place by the government. If you need to contact us with any queries, please do so via email (philippa@interpersonnelonline or info@interpersonnelonline) or mobile: 07710990058. The office hours remain 9am to 5pm. We have suspended face-to-face meetings and training delivery however, we can offer the option of a virtual ‘Zoom’ meeting or training. Kind regards Philippa hashtag#HRsupport hashtag#covid-19 hashtag#HRissues hashtag#virtualworking hashtag#virtualconferencing hashtag#meetings hashtag#hr hashtag#zoom hashtag#officehours hashtag#employer hashtag#employer
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