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Your Interpersonnel Voice

Recruitment and Selection

In a recent on-line discussion about the worst questions at interview that managers had ever come across, the following were put forward: 'Tell us about yourself' as well as 'How do you see your future? Are you married, living with someone, planning kids?' If these ring bells and you want to understand more about what is best practice in recruitment and selection, then this workshop is for you.
Equally, many people have recruited for years: some are without any training; some trained many years ago. In any of these cases, then this 'HR Art' workshop is for you.
This workshop will make you think about the way you prepare for interviews, structure the interview and develop questions for the interview.
The workshop
Come to the 'HR Art' workshop and by the end of the session you will have an understanding of:
the recruitment and selection process
legislation that you need to be aware of
what you can and cannot ask at interview
and, you can enjoy a play that puts everything into practice that you have learnt.
This workshop is suitable for:
those who need a refresher about recruitment and selection
those new to recruitment interviewing
those who have never had any formal training but need development in this area.
By the end of the session you will:
know where you can go to get answers to relevant legislation
know how to develop competency-based questions
understand what may be construed as a bias or prejudice
have a clear understanding of the process and the underlying best practice
have enjoyed a live theatre production that highlights key areas drawn-out of the session.
Recruitment and Selection programme
Introduction to the workshop
Delegate input
Recruitment and Selection process - a step-by-step look
Reasons for vacancies
Importance of documentation throughout the process
Advertising - Where? Latest trends including social media
Underpinning issues to the process - wording; Equality Act; bias and prejudice
The Interview
Developing questions
Interview preparation
Interview structure
The Play's the Thing
Prologue - brief for the audience (delegates) - the company, the vacancy and candidates
Act One - Candidate One
Interval - Review of Act One
Act Two - Candidate Two
Interval - Review of Act Two
Act Three - Candidate Three
Interval - Review of Act Three
Round-up of play.
Review of overall programme and key points for delegates.


10 March 2015
14 April 2015
Central London
13 October 2015
17 November 2015
Central London
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