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Discipline, grievance and capability

In 2011 Personnel Today published an article entitled ‘Avoid the pitfalls of discipline and grievance’ and makes the observation about difficult conversations that managers: ‘prefer to turn a blind eye and hope it will go away or resolve itself …. This rarely works’.
This is often the case and with issues such as poor time-keeping, absence, bullying or harassment managers need support from the company to enable them to deal with such situations. 
If you find this part of managing staff difficult or are new to this area or purely want an update, then this 'HR Art' workshop is for you.
Fun, fast and furious, this workshop enables you to learn and understand this area of management and then work with live actors to learn - invaluable for best practice discipline, grievance and capability information. Live theatre allows you to engage in ‘real-life’ scenarios.
The workshop includes the theory and best practice in these areas and is followed by a theatre production that will make delegates think about the way to deal with issues that fall under discipline, grievance or capability, investigate, make a decision on the next stage, consider the content of a findings report.
Come to our workshop for a day and by the end of the session you will have an understanding of:
Disciplinary, grievance and capability procedures in the workplace
The ACAS Code of Practice and Guidelines
and, you can enjoy a play that puts everything into practice that you have learnt.
This 'HR Art' Production is suitable for:
those who need a refresher about discipline, grievance and capability
those new to a management role and may need this knowledge
those who have never had any formal training but need some development.
By the end of the session you will:
know where you can go to get answers to questions about legislation
know how to develop questions for meetings
understand what may be construed as a bias or prejudice
have a clear understanding of the process and the underlying best practice
have enjoyed a theatre production to highlight key areas drawn-out of the session.
Outline of the programme
Introduction to the workshop
Mary Tate and Philippa Webster
Delegates - experiences, what they want from the workshop
What the day includes
Discipline, grievance and capability processes – a step-by-step look
ACAS – Code of conduct and guidance
Importance of documentation
Next steps
Findings document        
The Play’s the Thing
Brief for the audience – the company, background to the situation and characters
Followed by Three Acts - each comprising of
Interactive session
Review of learning points
Round up of the programme
Review of the programme
Key learning points
Next steps for delegates


12 May 2015
16 June 2015
Central London
03 December 2015
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