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Interpersonnel Workshops

Handling Absenteeism

To raise awareness of the cost of absenteeism to your business. To provide practical techniques for monitoring and investigating absenteeism, to improve both staff morale and bottom line performance within the business.
Recent trends in absenteeism
Reasons for looking at absenteeism
Recent trends
impact on business and employee performance
Monitoring absenteeism
Record keeping
Absence policies & procedures
Assessing cost to the business
Identifying patterns
Distinguishing between illness, malaise and falsification
Medium & Long Term absence
Obligations and good practise
Legal aspects
Use of medical reports and doctors
Parental rights
Getting staff back to work
Health & Safety
Staff Welfare
Preventing absenteeism
The workshop should enable participants to more effectively monitor the amount and cost of absenteeism across the business, to be more aware of what can be achieved to prevent certain types of absenteeism, to be more knowledgeable about dealing with genuine ongoing absenteeism and how to tighten up on falsification.
One day.
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